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I am 61 years old and I am married to my lovely wife Cissy. I don't have any children but i do have a daughter that is deceased. I also have a cat that thinks she is a child, and 2 dog that thinks they are  human. Also we have a new puppy that is from our princess. I am working the honeybees full time now.  We are back in south carolina now as we have all our bees in S.C. I take bees out of structures and collect swarms. WE ARE SORRY THAT WE LOST OUR DOG KATIE. She got hit by a car and didn,t make it. 

The Story Behind My Site

I started with honeybees about 15 years ago. As a child my daddy had honeybees but I was allergic to the stings and he would not let me get near them. I took a series of shots at the age of 8 and the stings were not so bad. In 1999 I bought 4 hives of bees from a friend of mine. The bees were his father's that had died. The hives have increased to about 200 now and I plan on increasing as much as i can. In 2002 I decided that I wanted to raise Queens. I Stayed on the internet learning all that I could and I stayed on the site Beesource.com. While on the site I met a gentleman in Georgia that had been raising queens for the last 50 years. I went to visit the gentleman and started apprenticing with him and thats how I started raising queens. I also have  other friends that help me out with the bees in S.C. I have a helper named Tony Ellison that has been helping for several years now. He has came a long ways working bees. Tony Is willing to listen and learn the system.    



Russian Bees

We will be raising queens and nucs in S.C. in 2013  For 2013 Tony Ellison will be helping with all the great joys of queen rearing and nuc making.  


Russian Bee Facts

The russian bees are more frugal in the winter time conserving stores. They do some headbutting but are not trying to sting, they are just letting you know that you are in their space. They take different management skills than most other bees.They make alot of false queen cells which is nothing to worry about. They do not swarm more than any other race of bee. They like to have alot of room for brood building. They build up rapidly in the spring as soon as the pollen starts coming in and the queens shut down in periods of dearth, They also shut down a little early in the fall. They can carry heavier loads of mites than most other bees. But they are somewhat more mite resistant than most bees.